Saturday, March 26, 2011


Cousin, originally uploaded by dabunniegoddess.

Darling kiddies,

I've avoided uploading this blog for a bit because I've been itching to revamp the whole thing. Drastic life changes call for drastic overhauls... including hair :)

Enjoy the two new drawings I posted at least while I continue to take my sweet time rethinking my blog design.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer updating = *Fail*

Darling kiddies,

Sooooo I haven't been updating, even though I have been sketching (not animating, I keep accidentally leaving my tablet in places that I leave to go somewhere else...) because I never stay in my apartment long enough to scan all the crap I've been drawing.

Ah well, here's a random sketch that I actually had on my computer for awhile, just kept forgetting to dump it on here!  

It's my boyfriend - don't judge!  It was for our 4.5yr anniversary :)

My boyfriend

<3!  Well, now that you've all been subjected to my sappy side, I'm out!

<3dA bunniegoddess

Monday, February 22, 2010

Demo Reel up.

My 2010 Demo Reel

Darling Kiddies,

Demo reel that I made fairly recently in anticipation of internship hunting.  Let the application/interview process begin!  Eeeeeeeeep....


<3dA bunniegoddess

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Updating = *fail!*

Hey kiddies, 

So updating this thing has been somewhat of a failure... *SHAME*.  I have made so much stuff in whatever it was I last posted, that the work I have up here makes me super embarrassed.  However, I shall leave it up as testament to how much I've progressed.  Hopefully you all shall see it the same way!

So I shall post some images of stuff I've worked on, as well as an animation I did that was screened at Massart's Squealing Pegs show.   I was pretty happy I got in - usually only juniors and seniors are screened, and I was one out of two sophomores to get in.  Hooray :)!

Enjoy, and hopefully I shall return soon with more stuffs.

<3dA bunniegoddess

Screenshot of my Film1 final:

Screenshot from my ANI2 final:

And finally, Screenshot from my ANI2 assignment that got put into squealing pegs:


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

WELL... my kiddies.. sorry it's been awhile.  So many websites to keep track of, so little time :P...

I am currently posting up videos on youtube, so if there's anything I haven't posted up here (which is a lot at this point) then it's up on there.  And my username is the same... :) I am sooo original.  

Anywho, I have some work that must be done.  I have a paper due tomorrow, and of course - ANIMATIONS.

Later kiddies.

dA bunniegoddess

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

heeey kiddies,

So I haven't been on in quite a while, but I have been posting my ANIs up on youtube as well, and when I re-do some of them so that they look better, I shall post them here.

In the meantime, here's a lil graffiti I drew on facebook to pass the time while I was supposed to be doing homework >.>;;;;...

Much love,
dA bunniegoddess

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Some pictures (and my first animation!) that I've done for school...

O.k. kiddies, so my first two animations are absolutely DREADFUL... but I was totally pressed for I wasn't able to go into them as much as I'd like... plus I borrowed brian's tablet that I wasn't used to....

But now I have my own tablet *squee* so I shall be used to it soon!

Much love kiddies, 
da bunniegoddess

ok... so for some reason the Radd and Shortie video wont upload.... you'll just have to suffer with this on LOL... which I mostly used a mouse for...